BCSLive!! The Band

This informal musical group is made up of BCS parents and guests. The BCS Band was formed over the Christmas holidays in 1998 by Ray Kwok, Jonathan Law and Pat Wong. To get started, they quickly bought a new set of electronic drums, an electric guitar and a keyboard . The most difficult part to realize their teenage dreams was to convince their spouses about what they were doing at these juncture of their careers, their personal lives and their volunteering work.

The group has gone by various names such as TGWHDJ (Thanks Goodness We Have a Day Job); Mid Life Crisis (dah) and SemiConductors (for part time musicians in the Silicon Valley). They have also been called by different names by the audience and by their children after noisy practices. So to keep it simple, generic and non-personal, it is now called the BCS Band. Wow!!

The band was recently expanded to include new members Andy Tran who is a professional bass player and David Chan who won a Karaoke contest. Guest artists such as Natalie Chang, Shui-Nam Leung and Shirley Leung joined the practices and performances on various occasions.

Music played by the group ranges from Cantonese songs like the Samuel Hui's oldies to Mandarin songs to Rock-and-Roll to Santana. There's never a lack of material except for the time. Band members use computer technology to share lyrics and compressed music on the web. Just a year ago band members were carrying cassettes to listen to on the road. It was especially heart warming to listen to their own music on business travel on lonely roads in far away cities. More recently the members use various digital sampling techniques to compress music and are able to share music on laptop computers or to stream the music on the web. Some of their music are enclosed below.

If you are interested in the BCS Band please send an email to:
[email protected]

Additional pictures and music.