Berryessa Chinese School Choir

The Berryessa Chinese School Adult Choir was formed in November 1991 by a group of parents who got together to communicate their feelings in songs. They practiced while their children were attending Chinese School on Saturday morning. The group was led by Lucy Huang, the wife of Principal Emeritus Dr. C.C.Huang; the Conductor was Kuonan Yang and the Accompanist was his wife Lisa Yang. The group performed for the first time in March 1992 in the School's Spring Performance and was well received. Since then they performed many times throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

In the following years, the group quickly expanded to 40+ members practicing on and off campus, sometimes more than once per week. There are still no prerequisites to becoming a member as long as you are willing to sing. In 1995, Ms. Bor-Jen Lin joined the group as a conductor and has since brought the team to many more successful musical engagements.

As one of the members describes Bor-Jen," ... For her warmth, her directness, her professionalism, and her charm, there is no one quite like Bor-Jen ... the chorus is extremely lucky to have her as a conductor ...".

BCS School Song

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