Coffee Corner

This volunteering team operates on Piedmont Middle School campus. They offer a cup of coffee or hot tea to all the teachers, visiting parents, BCS Board members and any adult campus visitors. The goal is to promote a time and a place where parents are more relaxed and can spend time chatting with one another on campus to form a community. This is also a perfect place to enlist new volunteers. Future goal of this team is to provide Chinese Newspapers and magazines with donated lawn chairs and tables. This group is led by Eddie Wang, Dean of Finance in 1994-95 and is seconded by Steve Chu, Ben Tong, and Ken Lau. Similar to the formation of the BCS Alumni group which brings graduated BCS students together, Coffee Corner can serve as a social gathering place for BCS parents whose children have graduated and moved away. Here are some of the pictures for this wonderfull group of parents:

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