Spring Performance

It started in 1982 in the Vinci Park auditorium. Every class came up with a program to be presented to the whole school around the Chinese New Year time. It was a relatively short program because of the small number of classes. As the student body grew, the number of classes began to increase. After we left Vinci Park in 1985 and moved to Toyon Elementary School which did not have a large auditorium, Ray Lee, then Principal, arranged to use Piedmont Hills School.

As the number of programs started to increase, the length of the program prolonged. In 1989, C.C. Huang, then Dean of Activities, and the program became the Spring Program. It then turned into a mini carnival type of program/activities with game booths and all sorts of activities. The performance program had trouble to compete with all the activities going on the same day. The following year a separate activity day began and it had evolved to be today's Fall Carnival.

Richard and Cynthia Kona of the Asian Law Alliance were very impressed of the performances we put together at the Spring Program as a non-profit organization. They suggested that BCS should apply for a grant from the Art Commission of the City of San Jose and the Art Council of Santa Clara County for such an activity. In 1992, Pat Wong, Fook Wong, C.C. Huang and Ming Tsang start the application for the City Grant and we got it in 1993. April 30, 1994, we put together the first Spring Performance at Sierramont Middle School for the community. Its popularity and scope prompted us to use the San Jose State University's auditorium in subsequent years and it was very well received. We would like to thank the City of San Jose, the Mayor and the City Council, especially Council member Margie Matthews for the continuous support. 1998 and 1999 were the years we did not apply for the grant due to man power and resources shortage. The Spring Performance was then became the internal program instead of the external program. We plan to reapply for the City Grant in the future.

Here are some of the memorable moments from the past years: