Angkor Wat 吳哥窟

Angkor Thom 吳哥城

Boat People of Tonlé Sap 金邊湖

The Killing Fields 殺戮地帶

Siem Reap 暹粒

Apsara Dance

Nāga - the Seven-Headed Serpent

Sunset at Phnom Bakheng 巴肯寺

Cambodian Food

Cambodian People and the Culture

The Kingdom of the Khmer 高棉

"Though the current history of Cambodia has been one of the profound tradegy, its past was the epic of a civilization of astonishing splendor and power - the kingdom of the Khmer. Rising out of the jungles of Cambodia, the ruins of the great city of Angkor bear eloquent witnesses to a lost culture that for centuries dominated a substantial part of Southeast Asia. Since their rediscovery around 1860, these astonishing monuments, created by god-like kings as pledges of immortality have exercised a powerful fascination over those who have come to know them. They have also, sadly, fascinated smugglers of antiquities, souvenir-hunters, and even self-styled "conservators." And in recent years another, grisly threat was added: the long civil war and its bitter legacy - thousands of land mines. Despite all these damage, and the slow, steady encroachment of the jungle, Angkor remains a wonder of architecture and sculpture. No description, no image, can reproduce the overwhelming impression created by the breathtaking beauty of the temples, sanctuaries, and statues submerged in the jungles of Southeast Asia."

(excerpted from The Art of East Asia - Gabriele Fahr-Becker, et al., 2006.
ISBN 978-3-8331-4983-2)

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